This page illustrates Jeannie Corte's versatility with different media and styles
(developed from her professional career).  Here you'll see exercises in cubism,
realism, and surrealism and media such as water color, oils, and  computer
generated images.
Caribbean Blue, oil on canvas
Double Jeopardy, Acrylic & Airbrush
Caribbean Blue
Oil on Canvas
Double Jeopardy
Acrylic & Airbrush

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Items viewed on this page are subject to the copyright laws of the United States.  Copying artwork or
written materials without the artist's written permission may result in suit for monetary damages.

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Painting Gallery
Hidden Treasures
Liquid Acrylics
And There Was Light, Acrylic
And There Was Light
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My Love For Yours, Oil
My Love For Yours
Oil on art board
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Art now available:

Caribbean Blue
And There Was Light
My Love For Yours

Hidden Treasures

Coming Soon:

The Blues
The Hunt
Double Jeopardy
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